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What Distinguishes Our Firm
We Raise Money: Many fundraising consultants consider their role to be strictly advisory: they may even say that they do not raise funds but only train volunteers.  This is puzzling.  The ability to open and close a conversation with a donor is the most basic and essential skill in fundraising. Not only do we know how to train and staff volunteers in these skills, we often take active part in solicitations ourselves. 

We are Practical, Collegial, Flexible, Cost-Effective: In addition to giving clients good advice, we expect to work on practical objectives in the front lines with staff and volunteers. Services are tailored to the individual situations, strengths, and requirements of each organization. We try to supply only what is needed and beneficial, focus on fundraising as early as possible, and empower the board and staff to continue where we leave off. Our fees are comparable to daily and hourly rates for other professional services. 

We Offer Free Consultation: There is no charge or obligation for an exploratory discussion of your organization's situation and needs. For a more complete description of our philosophy and services, or to arrange an informal meeting, just use the attached email link or give a call at 
(206) 329-3882.

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