Development Counsel to Nonprofit Organizations

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Why Professional Fundraising?
Fundraising is more than a matter of following a prescribed set of steps; it's a profession where experience, skill and talent count. If you have a tough fundraising problem, an exceptional need, want an outside opinion or are just getting started, the services of an experienced, professional fundraising firm can mean the difference between disappointment and success.

Mason Jay Blacher & Associates is an established West Coast-based fundraising consulting firm that has worked with all types of nonprofit organizations across the United States and abroad on fundraising efforts ranging from several hundred thousand dollars up to hundreds of millions. 

We Specialize in major gifts fundraising: larger gifts from individual donors, corporations or foundations. This approach has proven most successful and cost-effective for organizations seeking stable long term support, buildings or endowment. 

Is a Capital Campaign needed?  Many clients are pleasantly surprised to discover that capital campaigns are not necessarily required to attract major gifts, though major gifts are surely required for successful Capital Campaigns: some institutions have hired us to advise them on the courtship of a select number of individuals, and even a single major donor!

Strengthening the Board is a key critical element in an organization's success. We assist in identifying, enlisting, orienting, and staffing capable and motivated leadership. 

What Distinguishes Our Firm?